Broadcasting Bill in Parliament

"Afrol News, 13 October - A media law reform is causing controversy in Lesotho as the government has sent its bill to parliament without considering the viewpoints of the media. Media organisations wanted to achieve a transformation of pro-government state media into independent public-service broadcasters, but were denied the possibility of advocating these changes.

Two important bills, the Lesotho Broadcasting Corporation Bill 2004 and the Public Service Bill 2004 were presented in the Maseru parliament in September 2004, according to a statement issued by the national assembly. The bills are currently at the hands of Basotho MPs, who were urged to 'study their general merits and principles before engaging in debates.'

The main object of the Lesotho Broadcasting Corporation Bill 2004, according to the parliament's statement, "is to make provision for the restructuring of the Department of Broadcasting in a direction geared towards full liberalisation of the Department. This will be achieved by the establishment of an autonomous public Broadcasting corporation that shall be governed by a broad representative Board."
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