Lekota: Beyond Diversity

In a timely and interesting statement, South-Africa's Mosioua Lekota, ANC Chairperson, looks at diversity and advises his country folk to start looking beyond diversity. Looking beyond diversity
means that we accepted and recognised our diversity and we used it to create a movement and a society unique in its own right. However, we need to move on now to create a nation in which all of us are equal South Africans and not seen as women, Afrikaners, English, Zulu, Sotho and so on, Lekota said.

History shows that those societies that failed to move beyond diversity were later on to face serious problems of internal strife and civil wars. Take Yugoslavia, for instance, where the country had to be balkanised after the death of Marshal Tito.
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I think that it was indeed important for South Africa, in her first ten years of freedom, to look at herself and her rainbowness, and revel. That very act was one of the keys to the country's success. The trick today, as Mr Lekota suggests, is to go another ten years down the line and convince South African that, "Hey, you are different, but not really." Indeed, if skin colour and customs are different, hunger and hopelessness are not. All hungry people feel the same pangs. That, simply put, means South Africa must now train her guns on poverty and unemployment, and find solutions for all. As Bob Marley puts it in "Them Belly Full,"
Them belly full, but we hungry;
A hungry mob is a angry mob.
A rain a-fall, but the dirt it tough;
A yot a-yook, but d' yood no 'nough.
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