World Anger at Bush

George Bush has squandered a wealth of sympathy around the world towards America since September 11 with public opinion in 10 leading countries - including some of its closest allies - growing more hostile to the United States while he has been in office.
According to a survey, voters in eight out of the 10 countries, including Britain, want to see the Democrat challenger, John Kerry, defeat President Bush in next month's US presidential election.

The poll, conducted by 10 of the world's leading newspapers, including France's Le Monde, Japan's Asahi Shimbun, Canada's La Presse, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian, also shows that on balance world opinion does not believe that the war in Iraq has made a positive contribution to the fight against terror.

The results show that in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Japan, Spain and South Korea a majority of voters share a rejection of the Iraq invasion, contempt for the Bush administration, a growing hostility to the US and a not-too-strong endorsement of Mr Kerry. But they all make a clear distinction between this kind of anti-Americanism and expressing a dislike of American people. On average 68% of those polled say they have a favourable opinion of Americans.
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Anyone surprised? The Bush administration has carried out some actions, in favour of poor countries like mine, that are fundamentally good, helpful. I'm thinking of AGOA, and the way it has put paychecks in the hands of destitute families. When I say so, I'm thinking of the bread-winner who goes home every weekend with packages of foodstuffs and some clothes, where before there was nothing else. As I sit at my desk and type this I don't know where such people would get their food and livelihood from.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but perhaps "The Bush Administration" isn't the right appellation. "Americans" might be a more appropriate term. Am I wrong in surmising that the Clinton, Bush, Kerry, Nader or Any Administration would have taken the same route, given the same context and placed under the same circumstances?

I'm also quite happy that those polled clearly separate Americans and The American Government. I've got tons of friends in America, and I'm taking this opportunity (plus the e-mails I'm gonna send later) to ask them to vote. And convince someone else to go vote with them.