basotho (basotho)

In the early 1800s, King Moshoeshoe I (pronounced moo-shway-shway) was able to bring together different groups of peoples to form the Basotho nation. During his reign the Basotho had to defend their lands and freedom against the Boers. They still lost substantial chunks of land that are referred to today as "The Lost Territory". With the help of French missionaries, he sought and obtained protection from Queen Victoria's British Empire. In 1868 the place that is present-day Lesotho became a British protectorate.

Please resist the urge to use "Lesothans" when referring to the people of Lesotho. It is wrong and it is disliked by the people in question. Use singular "Mosotho" and plural "Basotho." For example: (1) She's a Mosotho. (2) Basotho are voting this month to choose their Prime-Minister.