butha-buthe (butha-buthe)

Butha-Buthe is a northern district of Lesotho. It has an area of 1,767 km² and a population of about 130,500 (2007). Butha-Buthe is the capital of the district, which has only that one town. Butha-Buthe "is named for Butha-Buthe Mountain to the north of the town, which King Moshoeshoe I used as his a fortification and headquarters from 1821 to 1823, during his war with the Zulu king Shaka. [source]"

Travellers to the district may see the Subeng River dinosaur footprints and the Tšehlanyane Nature Reserve. "There are also mysterious caves used by the San (Bushmen) in the area near Qalo and Sekubu, and some more dinosaur footprints. [source]"

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