monyane moleleki

"Monyane Moleleki (born 1951) is the Minister of Natural Resources of Lesotho. He has been a minister in the Lesotho government for a long time, and has also been Minister of Information and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Moleleki was Minister of National Resources in 1994, when he was briefly kidnapped along with three other ministers by soldiers on April 14; another minister, Deputy Prime Minister Selometsi Baholo, was killed in this incident. Police then went on strike in May, and Moleleki resigned and left the country for Botswana, saying that he thought he could be killed like Baholo. In March 1995 he returned to Lesotho and was detained by members of the National Security Service on March 29. He was elected deputy secretary general of the governing Basutoland Congress Party at a party conference in March 1996. In December 1996 he became Minister of Information and Broadcasting following the death of the previous minister, Pakane Khala, in November, and in June 1998 he was again appointed Minister of Natural Resources.

After serving for several years as Minister of Natural Resources, Moleleki became Minister of Foreign Affairs in November 2004 and served in that position until March 2007, when he became Minister of Natural Resources again.

He was said to have been shot and wounded in the arm in an attack at his home in late January 2006. Some say "o thuntsoe ka thipa" meaning he was "shot with a knife". He has said that the attack was politically motivated.

He is also known as Mahaletere because of his halter like beard and mustache.