schools (likolo)

  • National University of Lesotho -- They say, "The National University of Lesotho, the only university in the country, is located at ROMA 35 Kms away from Maseru the capital of Lesotho. ROMA is a great place to be a student because the majority of its population during term is made up of students. Being a student at our university is an exciting and rewarding experience. It gives you the foundation for your future life and career. It also offers you a chance to make friends, discover new interests and develop personal confidence. Ours is a small university, which is an asset as there is a real community feeling among students. Walking around campus, you will always meet someone you know."
  • Machabeng High School -- They say, "Machabeng College is an English Medium School of Lesotho, which opened in 1977 in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Lesotho Ministry of Education. The school is a national asset, sited on government property, and within the constitutional framework is answerable to the Principal Secretary of Education. The school is a fully accredited international institution of learning, functioning within a national context. It is open to all academically qualified students regardless of religious affiliation or national origin. A Board of Governors controls the school, which is assisted in daily management by a Management Committee and in the granting of scholarships by a Scholarship Committee. The school was founded at the joint initiative of the Ministry of Education and representatives of the Maseru English Medium Preparatory School. Its name, 'Machabeng', which is the Sesotho word for 'international', was chosen by the first group of students in 1977."
  • American International School of Lesotho -- They say, "The American School of Lesotho (AISL) is an independent coeducational, PS-8, day school of 73 students, six teachers and four teacher assistants. The school was founded in 1991 to serve the needs of the American community and other students seeking and English Language education. The school is divided into three trimesters extending from late August to the middle of June. We currently have children from 14 different nations."
  • Lesotho Institute of Accountants -- They say, "The Lesotho Institute of Accountants (L.I.A.) was established by the Accountants Act of 1977, which gives the Institute the mandate of regulating the Accountancy practice in Lesotho. This responsibility can further be broken down into the following functions: 1) To determine the qualifications of persons for admission as members; 2) To provide training, educational and examination by the Institute or any other body of persons practising or intending to practice the profession of accountancy; and 3) To set the standards and rules governing the practice and ensure that compliance with these is maintained."
  • Maseru Prep School -- They say, "Maseru English Medium Preparatory School is an International school based upon the model of the European Council of International Schools and incorporating the best educational practices from around the world. The school is committed to educating the whole child and developing students who will be life long learners. We aim to utilize creative teaching strategies in which the educational environment is learner focused. We believe that children learn best in an inquiry based programme where they are encouraged to ask questions, and once they are provided with resources, seek their own answers."
  • Seliba sa Boithuto -- They say, "Seliba Sa Boithuto believes that learning is best achieved if people are responsible for their own learning, so that the learners decide themselves on what, when and how to study. SSB also deems cooperation to be better than competition. Therefore, it encourages learners to study together (peer learning). As long as SSB provides learning materials and tutors, who can support the learners when they need help, self-motivated learning will lead to empowering education. Thus the learners will be better prepared to face the unscheduled challenges, which will occur in life."

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