Firestone Diamonds Recovers High-Quality Stones from Liqhobong

"Firestone Diamonds announced the recovery of some high-quality diamonds out of its Liqhobong mine in Lesotho. The most notable rough stones recovered included a 33-carat and 8-carat diamond. Two color stones included a 9-carat fancy vivid yellow and a 1.70-carat pink diamond.

These diamonds will be offered during an August tender to be held in Gaborone, Botswana. Firestone expects the August sale to be "significantly larger" than the one held in June.

Tim Wilkes, Firestone Diamonds' chief executive, said, "We are very excited about the results of our first tests of the high grade K5 unit at the main pipe at Liqhobong. The recovery of high-quality diamonds, including our first fancy yellow and our first pink diamond, confirms that there is much upside to the value of the main pipe. With mining operations planned to commence at the K5 unit in the second half of 2011, these results augur well for future production and diamond values from Liqhobong."

The K5 unit is the highest grade of the four geological units in the main pipe, with an average resource grade of 45 carats per hundred tonnes (cpht), compared with the average resource grade of 28 cpht for the mining company’s K2 and K4 kimberlite units that have been mined to date in 2011.

Firestone Diamonds will hold its third diamond sale of 2011 during the final two weeks of August at its diamond sales office at Diamond Technology Park in Gaborone."

[Source: Firestone Diamonds Recovers High-Quality Stones from Liqhobong]