Gulf Islands Driftwood - Literature raffle supports Lesotho

Book lovers should take note of "Lit Up!" — a community event that uses the power of the written word to educate youngsters in southern Africa.

Drawing on the richness of the Salt Spring literary scene, from its dozens of authors to 45 book clubs, Lit Up! is a fundraising event to pay school fees for needy and deserving students in Lesotho, southern Africa.

Local authors, including Arthur Black, Kathy Page , Ronald Wright and Brian Brett, have generously donated copies of their books to be used as prizes in this summer-long event. Visitors to the Saturday market can enter to win a shelf of over 40 books, including beautiful coffee table books by Robert Bateman, Jana Roerick's cookbook, a gardening book by Linda Gilkeson, Charles Kahn’s Gulf Islands hiking trails guide, volumes of poetry by George Siphos and Peter Levitt, and more.

[Source: Gulf Islands Driftwood - Literature raffle supports Lesotho]