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Dam-building continues despite controversy | AHN

"Lesotho continues to sell natural resources that their own people need," said Mabusetsa Lenka, head of the water, justice and environmental programmes at Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) a human rights and social justice NGO based in the capital, Maseru.

Lesotho Economic Update | End Poverty

As uncertainty increases about where the global economy is headed and whispers grow about a "double-dip," spare a thought for Lesotho.

A small developing country (population less than 2 million), Lesotho is located in one of the most resource-poor parts of Southern Africa. Around 37% of households live on less than $1/day and about half are below the national poverty line. As a small and relatively undiversified economy, heavily dependent on foreign markets, Lesotho is very vulnerable to shocks. It is also ill-equipped to deal with them.

A small domestic market means that Lesotho perforce has to look to external markets for growth. It has done a reasonably good job of this, increasing its diamonds exports, selling water and power to South Africa , and exporting textiles to North America taking advantage of AGOA. These efforts have helped it transition from a predominantly subsistence economy to being at the verge of attaining middle income status today.


Incentives may mean more clothing jobs

"According to Mail and Guardian Online, there is good reason to try to keep the South African textile and clothing industry going because it could create many more jobs, raise skills levels and eventually pay better than survival wages.
The fact is that clothing industries in Lesotho and Mauritius have grown in recent years, as opposed to the steep decline in the South African industry, because piecework and productivity incentives, outlawed in South Africa, are allowed in Lesotho and Mauritius."