Police raid at Lesotho mine

Firestone Diamonds on Tuesday confirmed reports of a police raid at its mine in Liqhobong, Lesotho.

The company said local authorities removed computer equipment from the site without a search warrant or court order on January 16th.

Firestone insisted there was no disruption or impact to operations.

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Ministers under probe

Police are investigating current and former government ministers for alleged corruption, the Lesotho Times can reveal.

Yesterday Police Commissioner Kizito Mhlakaza confirmed that he was investigating several current and former ministers.

He however refused to name them for fear of jeopardising investigations.

Mhlakaza’s confirmation comes a few days after Prime Minister Tom Thabane called on the police to arrest corrupt current and former ministers.

Thabane was speaking at a gathering in Hololo constituency in Butha-Buthe on Sunday.

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Survival problems for vultures prone to collision

Two of southern Africa's threatened vulture species are on a collision course with a controversial wind far ming project in Lesotho that threatens to wipe them out.

PowerNET Developments is planning to build the Letšeng wind farm on the north-eastern escarpment of the Drakensberg in Lesotho largely to increase power generation and distribution in the small mountain kingdom.

But bird experts are worried that the proposed wind farm is located within critical habitat for the globally significant populations of the already-declining Bearded Vulture and Cape Vulture populations, which are “collision-prone” birds.

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Sankomota / Uhuru, band from Lesotho

When I arrived in the tiny country of Lesotho in Southern Africa in 1975 I immediately started to look around for a local band. I had been a drummer in rock bands in Switzerland, a DJ at parties, and had a large record collection part of which I brought with me to Africa. There were no bands to talk about.

I went to every club in Maseru where there were bands playing (not many!) and soon found the most amazing guitar player. His name was Frank Leepa. I just stood awed in the crowd watching this young genius playing with amazing grace and making it look so easy! At about the same time, and by a miracle I must say, a certain ‘Black Jesus’ had returned to Lesotho after having certain ‘problems’ in Germany where he had been living for many years. Black Jesus was a real character, he spoke fluent German (as I do) and had picked up the European mentality, and so we became very good friends. We both decided that it was time to form a local band and that this band would be the BEST EVER and would be the pride and glory of all the Basotho people.

We asked Frank who was the BEST drummer in town and he suggested MOSS NKOFE. Finding a singer was the most difficult part. One night I heard TSHEPO TSHOLA and immediately fell in love with his voice. It had to be him! I remember being worried when I saw him drinking more than he should. The name of our first bass guitarist was MATHABATHA. Besides beging an amazing musician I seem to remember that the was also involved in politics. We also had an amazing Afro – American keyboard player who was stationed in Lesotho with the Peace Corps. This was the first formation of UHURU. Remember that we were in the middle of the apartheid era, things were very rough, and dangerous too as you will see later on in this article.

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Wind farm in Lesotho

BirdLife South Africa and BirdLife International are very concerned that the proposed development of a wind farm at Letšeng in Lesotho could have severe impacts on the already declining populations of Cape Vultures and Lammergeiers. South Africa and Lesotho share the responsibility of safeguarding the populations of Lammergeiers and Cape Vultures in the Lesotho Highlands and the surrounding escarpment of South Africa.

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Lesotho Hip-Hop: The New Breed

I am based in-between Maseru, Lesotho and Cape Town, South Africa throughout the year. Recently, when in Lesotho, I decided to see how far the Hip-Hop scene had progressed, seeing that I have been involved directly in it for more than ten years. Some things impressed me, but most things did not. So I decided to give you an idea of what’s going down there in the form of a list of emcees whom I think will be making a considerable amount of noise in 2013.

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Lesotho achieves robust economic growth despite shocks

"Lesotho achieved a robust growth in economy as compared to other countries globally despite the shocks it experienced over the past years. The shocks included a decline in South African Custom Union (SACU) revenue, drought and floods that seriously affected the agricultural sector to mention a few. The IMF Mission Chief to Lesotho Jiro Honda said this in his presentation on Lesotho’s macroeconomic challenges and the role of IMF during a brief meeting with the local media in Maseru on Friday."

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