Pushing forward Lesotho’s services agenda

Lesotho’s services sector is the biggest contributor to national gross domestic product (GDP) and has great potential for generating sustainable growth and creating employment opportunities in the future. However, the relative performance of Lesotho’s services exports has been poor in comparison to the country’s total merchandise exports over the past two decades. Lesotho remains a net services importer.

The Lesotho Services Policy Review provides an analysis of the current policy framework for the three sectors, identifies regulatory challenges and institutional weaknesses inhibiting sectoral development, and proposes policy options that could better respond to the country’s financial, health and tourism development objectives. Issues are reviewed that pertain to the strengthening of domestic supply capacity, the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, employment and poverty alleviation, and universal access to basic services. The potential impacts of services and services trade liberalization, and the prospective benefits of access to foreign markets, receive particular attention.

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